Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360.png

One of the latest all-in-one ‘point and shoot’ 360 cameras on the market, the Samsung Gear 360 camera is a very capable 360 camera which is extremely simple to use.

If you just want to point and go, this is the 360 camera for you.

With a 15mp camera, the Samsung Gear 360 takes great 360 photographs as well as offering time-lapse recording, loop recording and360 degrees spherical capture. It also shoots 3840×1920 high resolution 360 video.

You can even control it with your mobile device, or use your phone to remote live view or wirelessly transfer images.

This kit includes:

  • 1 x Samsung Gear 360 camera
  • 1  x Micro tripod
  • 1 x charger cable
  • 1 x 64 gb Micro SD Card


24 hours £25
7 days £80

Additional Information:

This camera can be operated as a stand-alone unit, but for the best experience you will need to have a Samsung Galaxy 7 or Edge 7.



Dual CMOS 15MP Sensor
Dual f/2.0 Fisheye Lens


Movie Recording: Dual Cam – up to 3840×1920 (30 fps), Single Cam – 2560×1440 (30fps)
Still Capturing: Dual Cam – up to 7776×3888 (30M), Single Cam – 3072×1728 (5M)

Camera Mode

Dual Lens Mode – video, photo, timelapse video, looping video
Single Lens Mode – video, photo, timelapse video, looping video


66.7×56.2x60mm (153g incl. battery)