So today we finished shooting the product photos for the rigs, to show customers the custom 3D printed rigs that we offer.
Our rigs have been specifically designed to avoid the issue of parallax. This is an issue that the mass produced rigs, such as the GoPro Omni are still battling with.
So check out the new images on the website and let us know if there is anything we can help you with!
You can find our contact details here.

360 VR Hire London

Welcome to 360 VR Hire London!


We are a new tech start up designed to make 360 VR recording accessible to more people than ever before. With the cost of purchasing equipment simply too expensive for many people, we decided to step into the market place and offer a solution.

At 360 VR Hire London we offer a one stop solution to your 360 VR needs. Hiring everything from a single VR camera to a 6k multi camera rig, we can help you with your project!

From building custom 360 Virtual tours of new environments to helping you capture your event in full 360 detail, 360 VR Hire London is there to help.

With unrivalled flexibility when it comes to hiring a 360 VR rig in London, transparent prices and world class post-production, 360 VR Hire London are here to help.

You can check out our VR recording sets ups here.


If you are interested and want to chat, or get a custom quote, our contact details can be found here.