At 360 VR Hire London, we specialise in providing the right equipment to enable you to  capture and produce your own stunning 360 degree videos and virtual reality footage.

If you’re looking to produce a 360 degree video, but don’t want to invest in buying all of the equipment yourself, then we have the solution for you: Hire from us and use some of the industries top equipment for a fraction of the price!

Whether you are a student or first time film maker looking to shoot a first project in 360 VR Video, or a games developer looking to get ahead of the curve, we have the cameras, rig and accessories for you!

From single camera set ups for indoor use, to 6k multi-camera rigs or even underwater VR shoots we have something for every project. We can also offer directoral assistance with your shoot or supply a team to shoot the VR for you.

As well as supplying you with the raw footage, our team also offer a variety of post-production services, such as stitching, editing and even mastering the final footage.

We also offer unrivalled flexibility in our packages and some of the best prices in the industry, so get in contact with us today and see that we can do for you!