GoPro 360 Live Broadcast


The GoPro 360 Live Broadcast Mount is the best mount for 360º video live streaming.

The unique geometry minimises the downward blindspot to only 40º, a perfect place to hide any cables. This means that there will be a small blank spot on the final footage, which is the perfect place to put a company logo or other advertising.

The camera lenses are optimally arranged to achieve maximum overlap between adjacent fields of view.  The cameras are also mounted without their waterproof cases, meaning that you can record superior sound quality with this rig.

You can see an example of the kind of video that can be captured with this rig by clicking here.

This rig is best for:

  • Live streaming footage
  • Shoots involving dialogue or sound effects

This Kit includes:

  • 1 x 360 Frame Mount Rig
  • 6 x GoPro Hero 4  Silver Edition
  • 6 x 64 GB MicroSD Cards
  • 1 x GoPro remote
  • 12 x Spare Batteries
  • 3 x double USB chargers and cables
  • 1 x Rig Stand
  • 1 x hard carry case


1 Day £100
1 Week £400

Note: If you require us to stitch and post process your videos, please see the Post Production section of this site.  This service is available for an additional fee.


*All rental agreements subject to deposit and security checks.